CrepeNDip offers best French Creperie franchise opportunities for you

CrepenDip franchises offer owners the solidity of a trusted name,internationally-recognized brand with outlets throughout the Saudi Arabia. As a result Now it is considering to have a footprint in Asia and the Middle East.

New owners do not need to spend time and efforts developing a logo and attempting to build brand awareness – because it is already incorporated into the CrepenDip’s brand name. Hence earning favorable brand awareness may be a long and difficult process, so having it from the start provides a substantial competitive advantages to you.

For a French Creperie enthusiasts who are new to entrepreneurship, an established business strategy is incredibly advantageous. Although you may have industry experience, you may not be well-versed in all aspects of business management. With a CrepenDip’s Chocolate cafe franchise, you’ll have a proven structure and foundation already in place for them. This reduces the likelihood of making costly mistakes, hence lowering overall risk.

Do I qualify to be a brand partner for this business opportunity?
There are several factors we consider when assessing an applicant desiring to become a Crêpe n dip Brand Partner, including but not limited to their:

  •  Multi-Unit Restaurant Operations Experience
  •  Financial Qualifications
  •  Personal and Financial Reputation
  •  Motivation and Commitment
  • Culture and Brand Fit
  •  Growth Mindset

Multi-Unit Restaurant Operations Experience:

  •  Proven track record in operating a multi-unit restaurant portfolio
  • Successful multi-unit restaurant ownership experience
  • Liquid Assets are defined as cash or any asset that could be converted to cash within 10 business days

Financial Qualifications:

  • $1,200,000 Total Net Worth
  • $600,000 Total Liquid Assets
  • Net Worth and Liquid capital access commensurate with ownership level (may vary significantly from minimum requirements)
  • Minimum 3 restaurant commitment for development

Motivation and Commitment:

  • Willingness to guarantee Franchise Agreement obligations
  • Time commitment for required training programs
  • Hands on in the day to day operation of the business, Residency/proximity